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5 Usual Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Look Older


If the use of an object is unknown, many times, abuse becomes a common occurrence. Makeup is just as awesome and beautiful as it is, there are a few makeup hacks and tips that every lady should know, that should be mastered, otherwise, mistakes are the order of the day.

Which brings me to the question, can your makeup make you look old? Sure. Are you wondering how that is? Keep reading.

No one likes to look older than their actual age after makeup, in fact, makeup enhances your beautiful features, making you look younger. Unfortunately, this is not so at times and it is not always intentional.

You may have made a few mistakes in the application and, on the other hand, you may have mastered the makeup application, you may have mastered a specific technique to ‘beat’ your face and may look older than you. Because, as we age, we are changing and so we need to change things here and there in your makeup routine.

I will share in this post, some mistakes you make, mistakes you should avoid and if you avoid it you will look young and awesome.

1. Using a very low lid eyeliner

There are some types of eyeliner (color variation) that, if used, will make you look older than you, rather than excessively and in the right way. So the best hack or tip is to use a very light makeup pencil to reduce this effect, to reduce the dark variation.

2. Using more concealer

Some people prefer to cover their pimples, pimples, breakouts, etc. However, in order to do this, some people go overboard and go there, even with no voice on their face. For example, if you use too much, you can really highlight wrinkles, pimples, and breakouts. So a useful tip is to use liquid concealers, they are on hand and do the job perfectly. Applying too much concealer can also make your makeup cake.

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3. Shading your lip liner

Lip liners are an essential part of your make-up kit, as they give life to the lips. So when making the final beat on your lips, make sure you have a proper shade, basically a shade of direction between the lips, so that you don’t overshadow the lips, but, defining it, makes it very sexy.

4. Excessive use of mascara

Using mascara to touch important parts of your face, like the lower eyelids, will help to give more detail to your look and give your pop a little pop to the gaze. When applying mascara make sure you don’t use too much mascara on your lower eyelids, it will definitely bring a ripple effect, by highlighting wrinkles and pimples around the area or giving it an old look.

5. Apply dark and intense colors on your cheeks

Rather than using too many dark or bright tones as rouge for your cheeks, it is better to use lighter tones, which give a better chic look. We understand how fashion trends, reinventing, and changing, using darker shades of the time are an alternative to lighter tones.

I hope this helped.

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