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Dos And Don’ts Of Wedding Makeup You Need To Know


No doubt the wedding day is one of the greatest days of a woman’s life, and we seek perfection in everything above nature. Part of a checklist of things to be right is makeup for the bride; It must withstand dancing, sweat, and so on in the numerous pictures taken.

If you are going to wear makeup on this day, wear it well. I would love to share with you makeup hacks and tips, which will be the wedding makeup version today. I came up with this to-do list, don’t do wedding makeup and some beauty tips to say ‘I do’ to the bride, to avoid a makeup disaster on your wedding day and make sure you look good as you walk down the aisle.

1. Get a makeup artist to suit your style

There are many stylists who have different styles in how they do things. Some are best with natural feather brows, some have their own unique way of applying lipstick. Do your research and choose the style that matches the kind of look you want on your wedding day.

2. Take good care of your skin

Three to six months before your wedding day, make sure you take skincare seriously. Perform a working nighttime and daytime skincare routine. In these 3-6 months you can go to the facial a few times. Having flawless and healthy skin boosts confidence and improves how good your makeup looks (and how long it lasts). Do not try any new skincare products within a few days of your wedding, because you never know how your skin will respond to it.

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3. Do a Bridal Test

It is very important to do one or more wedding checks with the makeup artist you want to do your wedding makeup on. This way, you can test out the different looks and decide which one is best for you.

During your wedding trials, you should wear a color similar to the actual clothes you wear on D-Day; This is just to ensure completeness in choosing the look you want to go with.

Another reason why you should do a wedding test is to know how long it takes to do makeup, and how many minutes or hours you can devote to makeup on your schedule this way.

4. Choose your makeup products based on the weather

Be sure to consider which makeup products to use for your skin type and weather. If you are doing your makeup in hot weather, make sure to use oil-free and heat-resistant products.

5. Consider waterproof makeup

The first dance of the aisle, the bride and groom, the bride dancing with her father; While there are many and many guaranteed reasons for tears to flow like a river, your makeup doesn’t have to run together; Try as much as possible to use waterproof makeup especially your mascara.

Apart from applying a good primer to your foundation, setting up your face after finishing your makeup with a setting spray like Urban Decay is the secret weapon that will make your makeup last all day and become a budget.


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