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How To Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Wipes


Sometimes, we are just too tired to do the needful and take that glam makeup off our face before hitting the bed. Seriously, removing makeup before you go to bed is an integral part of skincare especially if you are particular about having healthy, glowing skin.

There have been times when we all forgot to stock up on wipes and we get home to meet an empty wipe case or your skin is just plain irritated by wipes.

For days when either of these happens, do not worry as these substitutes are readily available, cheap, and are great for your skin.

1. Soap and Water

Depending on the makeup, soap, and water after all these years is still a great way to take off all that makeup after being caked up throughout the day. No matter how much wipes you use, your face is not totally clean, you will still need a proper sink session.

Try to avoid plenty of rubbing and also choose a soap that would not irritate your face. This is not the time to put in some arm power, so avoid excessive rubbing as your skin hates that. After washing properly, you can apply a mild cleanser then moisturize your face and you are good to go.

2. Vaseline

Who would have thought that our dear old Vaseline would top a list like this? Forgive us for we have taken you for granted, using you for every and anything without giving you proper accolades.

Vaseline can take off even waterproof eye makeup. All you need to do is apply Vaseline on your face and wait a while for the makeup to soften before using a cotton pad to wipe your face. For stubborn matte lipsticks and even full-face makeup, apply the same process. If you are not a fan of the greasy aftermath, use your facial cleanser to wipe off your face, and don’t forget to moisturize.


3. Coconut Oil

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We are sure you are starting to wonder what this oil cannot do, we share the same sentiments. This awesome oil is not just cheap and readily available, it also doesn’t need any concoction and is a great alternative for makeup wipes.

You can use it alone and get maximum satisfactory results. Just dab your face with a cotton pad containing coconut oil and let it sit pretty for a minute or two. This will allow the makeup soften and help you resist the temptation of rubbing your face (especially the eye area) and getting irritated.

The main principle here is; oil dissolves oil and if your makeup is oil-based, you know it cannot resist the charm of coconut oil. Watch a coconut oil, slip it off before your very eyes. It is best to apply before bath.


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