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How To Wash Human Hair Wig Without Impairing It


After the constraints of choosing and buying the type of human hair wig you want, it is necessary to wash and maintain the hair to maintain its beauty and for it to last longer.

In this post, I will explain some of the procedures to be followed to ensure that the human wig is properly maintained and get the attention it needs.

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1. Untangle the wig

When using your human hair wig, you should avoid getting it tangled. You are advised to brush your wig with a wide comb first. Shedding can be prevented by brushing the bottom first and then the source.

2. Washing

Human hair wig washing is traditionally different from washing clothes. In which case you don’t have to twist, measure or rub your human hair wig. Instead, all you have to do is mix with shampoo or any other hair cleansing agent and soak in cold water for 5 minutes.

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3. Rinse it

After soaking, thoroughly wash the wig without leaving any shampoos. It is best to do this under a flowing tap to allow the hair to flow in the same direction and in equal amounts to keep the hair from getting stuck.

4. Condition It

After rinsing, the human hair should be diluted with very clean cold water to allow the fibers to soften and soak for some time.

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5. Dry

Put on water and open wig stand to dry naturally.

Perform these steps whenever you want to wash your wig, and without a doubt, it will last longer than you ever imagined it would.

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