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Ladies! Here Is How Tomatoes Can Benefit Your Skin


Have you been looking for a remedy to make your skin glow? I got you on this one, many women usually go out taking artificial products to glow their skin. This does not always turn out well as some of the chemical elements that might cause damage to the skin.

When we talk about skin glow, I will always recommend natural products, and the one we are going to talk about today is Tomato. Tomatoes are little bit acidic and comprise high contents of potassium and vitamin C, with these contents it has the power to modify tedious parts of your skin to glow.

Tomatoes also have lycopene (an antioxidant that protects against cell damage). This fruit has a high rate of reducing skin problems, so I’m going to put you through on the benefits of tomatoes to your skin.


It Lowers the Effects of Sunburn

Tomatoes, as said earlier, are high in lycopene, that is capable of protecting your skin from sunburn. The anti-inflammatory properties in tomatoes can subdue and neutralize sunburn.

Anti-ageing Properties

Tomato also has amazing anti-ageing properties that can make you get that young feel even though you are getting older. I would say this one is for those of us that want to look younger even in their 40s.

Nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Proteins, Vitamin A, lycopene and amongst others, can revitalize your skin thus making you not to age easily.

To apply, get large ripe tomatoes and slice. Rub gently on the desired areas on your skin, leave for some minutes then wash. Repeat the same at least three times a week, I promise those wrinkles will be a thing of the past.


It mends Skin Tissues and Cells

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Here comes another amazing thing about Tomatoes, they have the ability to build and mend damaged cells, fight against infections. If you got wounds on your skin, with the help of the protein in Tomatoes, it can mend those tissues and give you that wonderful, not damaged skin.

Removes Oil from your Skin

When you have surplus oils on your skin, Tomatoes can assist in removing them and give your face a new crisp feel. To do that, get the juice of tomatoes and cucumber, then apply on your face frequently. That will do the magic.

It Treats Pimples amongst other Skin Blemishes

If you ever have pimples or any other skin blemishes i.e black spots, acne and others, tomato is your buddy because of its vitamin-rich nature. To apply it, slice a tomato and rub the juicy part on your skin, leave for minutes and rinse with water, do this frequently and that glow will be yours in no time.

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