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MUST READ: Causes and Treatment of Back Acne


I’m sure everyone knows what ACNE is. Simply put, what happens when hair follicles get oil. It tortured many when we were growing up and sadly, it is still torturing some of us. Acne can cause pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and pus-filled spots.

The holes and follicles on your back are also clogged. Although backache is not as common as common acne, it is still very prevalent. This case has all the basic acne symptoms, including red spots and scars. Keep in mind that there are levels for pimples – or in this case bacne. It can range from mild to stage 4 acne, with many scars or cysts.

Causes of back acne

Back acne occurs as a form of puberty, or as an adult, it is related to your body’s daily routine, especially if someone with oil-producing glands is particularly sensitive to certain hormones. When these hormone levels rise, the glands, sometimes produce excess oil. When this happens, your body is also prone to get rid of old and dead skin. Dead skin that is not properly sprayed with oil prevents follicles. Most times, it is the birth of acne.

Another common cause of back acne is habits from a person’s lifestyle. Frequent work or too much sweat results in having back acne. This is because sweat on the skin can cause breakouts and wakefulness.

There are some bacteria on the skin, which is usually harmless, but when the oil is raised, it creates a tan environment to multiply these bacteria. It can lead to inflammation of parts of the skin and red spots.

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In essence, there are things you can do to improve your skin, and they are thus;

1. Using topical creams

These are usually the first to go for people. Over the counter medications are suitable for mild cases. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a product containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Keep in mind that the entire back should be applied over the affected area, and within 4-8 weeks, you should have good skin.

2. Skincare routines/Good hygiene

Take a bath every day, wear clean clothes, change your bed sheets frequently, and make sure you have a shower after exercise or any activity that makes you sweat.

Some habits such as washing after sweat, rinsing with abrasive cleanser, scrubbing the affected area, scratching or squeezing, can help control the spread of back acne, reduce the risk of blemishes and in some cases, eliminate it.

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3. Eat healthily

Reduce dairy and sugars and always drink plenty of water.

Since breakouts are inevitable, your goal is to minimize their effects when these breakouts pop up. Develop a good lifestyle as described in 1-2 above and you will notice a drastic decrease in your back acne over time. You should give it and your body plenty of time so that it can prove to be more stubborn than acne.

In conclusion, Back acne, at least when it is not serious, does not have to worry. If you have severe back pain, perhaps a hormone, make sure to see a dermatologist who will tell you how best to deal with it and even prescribe medications and creams for you.

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