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These Easy Makeup Hacks Would Save You Money


Ever wondered if there are many other uses that you can put on your makeup products? Or are you really wondering if there is any other way to straighten your lips when your favorite lip liner is exhausted, or can you spend money on any makeup product at that time?

Personally, when I try to capture the cost of every item of my own kitchen, I’m sure it will pay my rent lol. I am intrigued. I have often enjoyed doing my makeup and as you know, I have been a makeup artist, and have read tips and hacks that will help you achieve the perfect beauty without having to buy every makeup item, or at least save you your favorite makeup product that isn’t available and I’m sharing it with you.

Let’s start;

1. Use your matte liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow base

When you want to achieve a very bold eyeshadow look or smoky eyes (no black smoke), compare one of your matte lipsticks to the color of the lid and work with a makeup eyeshadow brush. You can continue to color with the same eye color.

2. Find your shine in the eyeshadow palette

Each basic eyeshadow palette has one or more shiny golden colors, so instead of spending extra money to find a more prominent highlight, choose one of these colors with your eyeshadow palette that matches your subtle tone to that fading light.

3. Use your eyeshadow or lipstick as a blush

I’m sure there is a peachy or light pink color on your eyebrows; Why not use it to get the sweet cheeks that everyone wants, or better yet, you can use your cream lipstick.

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In fact, hold a good shade, apply anything to the tips of your fingers and work on the footsteps until your muscles meet nicely. Make sure you set it up a bit with the setting powder.

4. Line your lips with a black foundation or your cream product

Not everyone can afford MAC lipsticks to achieve the perfect pout. Sometimes, the brown pencil you have may not be the exact color you want or it may be wrong with your skin tone.

Take your creamy yellow cream and use it to get a light brown shade to dry your lips. I do this all the time in between. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

5. Use your mascara as an eyeliner

You learn that right, you can approach that liner with your mascara. Get a little brush, get your mascara on the tips and use it to guide your eyes. I found this when I was once an eyeliner and it works.

6. Use your vendor as a cheap lipstick

We already know that you can use dark cream texture to get your lips moving. This is the other way around. Try using your concealer that you use to highlight the shade you like from your concealer palette and use it as a lipstick to achieve nude lips.

The mask you use to highlight will save you days when you can’t find lip alms. Trust me it works like magic, soften your lips to keep it from cracking.

That’s all, i hope they help.

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