Anchor for Our Soul

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By Sheila Knudson, Celebrate Restoration Northeast Regional Director

“We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul, firm and stable.”

Hebrews 6: 19

In conventional instances, the anchor turned into viewed as a symbol that represented security. Thanks to this, Christians adopted the anchor as their symbol of HOPE. The note “anchor” is mature in this verse as a metaphor for that “which helps or retains one steadfast for the duration of a time of trial or doubt.”

Even supposing we aren’t residing in conventional instances, we all know honest now, we can have confidence hundreds of trials and issues to have confidence doubt about. In our personal restoration journeys, we is also struggling to navigate through tumultuous, dangerous and unsure waters.

Right through those instances of struggle, we now must situation our hope and have confidence in our one and handiest Elevated Power, Jesus Christ. He alone is our Hope and the Anchor for our souls.

As I researched the note “anchor,” I stumbled on that there are quite a lot of forms of anchors that are mature for diverse capabilities. We are succesful of compare those to the roles Jesus performs as the “anchor to our souls.”

Some anchors are designed to stabilize the vessel and leisurely it down. To behave as a brake.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when we’re running too speedily, become overwhelmed and feel existence is out of adjust.

Some anchors are mature for short anchoring on smaller boats.

           Jesus is our anchor and hopeeven in the short or tiny trials in existence.

Some anchors have confidence extraordinarily sturdy conserving energy.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when we’re panicked and feeling as if we’re being pulled below.

Some anchors are huge, heavy and have confidence the flexibility to swivel.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when we resolve to have confidence and be versatile even when we can’t watch the head result or where we’re headed.

Different anchors are mature for deep sea oil and gas rigs to prevent float.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when the mountainous storms of existence map and we’re being tossed about by the wind and the waves.

Substances to ponder……. 

  1. Are you trusting God in the smaller trials of existence?
  2. Plan you likely also can fair have confidence any areas where you are doubting or tending to lose faith?
  3. Are there any storms in existence that you just are facing honest now and you’re feeling careworn or panicked?
  4. Are you being tossed about on the wind and waves luxuriate in a ship in deep and dangerous waters?

New aid in solutions……

Right as an anchor secures a ship, Jesus secures our soul.

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