Brides and Guests Engagement Party Wear

Brides and Guests party has come when two love birds re inviting you to celebrate their new engagement and you have no idea what to wear to an engagement party? Or, maybe you’re the bride-to-be and you want to kick off your celebratory events with a stylish bang. Never fear—your fashion pals are here to help you dress to impress this Brides and Guests event.

Ladies, keep reading for the scoop on engagement party outfit do’s, don’ts and style inspiration you don’t want to miss.


When it comes to knowing what women’s trends and styles to wear, weddings tend to have clearer guidelines. But interpreting what to wear to an engagement party can be a bit baffling. Once you’re feeling ready to safely attend social gatherings again, your closet may feel like it’s a bit lacking. Let’s put on our investigative caps and dig into three key factors to consider before shopping for the upcoming event.

What to wear to an Engagement Party: Decipher the Dress Code
Score—the invitation asks guests to come in evening summer cocktail attire. There’s no mystery here. The perfect little black dress hanging in your closet is ready to make its debut. But what if the dress code is absent on the invitation? There’s no shame in asking the couple as long as you do so in a timely manner. Just be sure not to ask for engagement party outfit approvals on the day of the event. If you need someone to double-check your fashion choices last minute, compare notes with another friend attending the party.

The Two W’s: Where and When
From swanky soirees to backyard barbecues, the level of formality can wildly differ from venue to time of day. Attire worn to brunch at a five-star restaurant will look different than an evening event at the same location. Typically, the later in the day the party takes place, the more formal the event. A floral midi-dress is perfect for a luncheon while a floor-grazing gown is best suited for a black-tie affair. Not sure what Brides and Guests engagement party outfit style to wear to an evening pool party? That has “informal” written all over it. Shorts, sandals and swimsuits are all possible contenders for this splash bash. When in doubt, ask for more info.

Stylist Tip: If the engagement party is being held at a specific venue, search for it under ‘Places’ on Instagram. You’ll be able to see posts by other people who have attended similar events at the same venue. Perusing their pictures can offer a helpful frame of reference as well as style inspiration. Save a few of your favorite photos before embarking on your shopping journey. Remember—time of day and party themes matter so keep that top of mind.

Allow White for the Bride
Traditionally, white is reserved for the bride on the wedding day as well as all events leading up to the big day. When deciding what to wear to an engagement party, steer clear of women’s styles that may photograph lighter and appear to be white. Think blush, pale yellow or champagne. On the flip side, have fun with color but skip any head-to-toe ensembles in bold shades. Flashy looks can overshadow the couple and the spotlight should remain on them. Are you a lover of hot hues? Incorporate them in subtle ways with a vibrant headband or slingback flats. Want to play it safe? Say I do to earthy tones like olive and burnt orange or muted shades like navy and dusty rose.

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