Makeup & Skincare Tips

1. Don’t use too many products, 2. Have a skincare routine based on your specific needs, 3. Moisturize both day and night, 4. Avoid direct heat exposure, 5. Exfoliate a couple times per week. for more follow

Wedding day Bridal Makeup Products

Wedding day Bridal Makeup

Wedding day Bridal Makeup, the day when a young lady gets to see a gorgeous side of her in the mirror she had never seen before. While the process may be long and time-consuming, it’s totally worth it for any young woman. Check out a few of these makeup tips …

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How to clear face away from acne

clear face away from acne

Acne clear face away from acne, One of the skin problems for both males and females adolescents is acne. Or many people may be a little different. cause of acne That is caused by clogging of the sebum around the pores on the face. Normally, our facial skin has a …

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Natural Extracts With Eye Care

Natural Extracts

Natural Extracts with eye care Natural extracts of ​​the eye area is more problematic than the others because it is the most active part of facial expressions. It can also be called an indicator of the age of a woman. Many people are very serious about solving problems around the …

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2021 Makeup Beauty Tips For Summer

2021 Makeup

2021 Makeup trends for summer are bold yet subtle, light and airy, and perfect for t-girls who want to make a first impression no one will forget and every girl will envy. Constant sweating during summer poses a major hindrance to your makeup, what with the runny eyeliner, and melting …

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