hair products you will need this winter

Between the frigid temperature, the blustering winds, and the moisture-sucking effects of indoor heating, winter can take a serious toll on your hair. But, by investing in a few quality must-have hair products you can keep your hair hydrated and protected from tangles and breakage. Below are the five products you’ll need all through this winter.

1. Hairspray

Dehydration isn’t the only effect the dry winter weather can have on your hair. In fact, it’s during the wintertime that most people complain about statically-charged strands and fly-aways. To combat such effects—especially on days when you have to wear a hat—you’ll want to keep a hairspray on hand. Spray on just bit after styling to keep your ‘do in place all day!

2. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Healthy-looking hair is hydrated hair, so during the months when things can feel a little drier than usual you’ll definitely want to use a hair mask. A weekly hair mask helps to deep condition strands, replenishing your hair with the moisture it craves. Look for masks that have been formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients like argan oil or coconut oil which both contain vitamin E and can help your hair to look shiny and beautiful!

3. Heat Protection

While we’re big fans of skipping out on heat styling during the drier seasons—as excessive heat can further dehydrate your hair—we know it’s not always possible to air dry. Try Fructis Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream to discipline frizz without heat for an effortlessly smooth undone style.

That said, anytime you do heat style you’ll want to make sure you first use a heat protectant in order to shield your strands from the drying—and often damaging—effects of hot tools.

4. Dry Shampoo

It’s known that over-washing—for most of us that means more than twice a week—can strip hair of natural oils, causing your hair to become dry and dull-looking. If you feel like your hair needs a little refresh, instead of washing it reach for a dry shampoo. You’ll get that fresh feeling without dehydrating your hair!

5. Leave-in Conditioner

During the winter months our locks are more susceptible to dehydration—and subsequently to dullness and dryness as well! In many areas, the winters are notoriously dry and what’s more, to make up for the frigid temps, we often blast heating which is also known to be dry and lacking in humidity, which can further dehydrate your hair. In order to keep your hair as hydrated as possible, reach for leave-in conditioners. When applied to damp hair, these products can offer lasting hydration. For best results allow your hair to dry naturally. Try Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream which soaks into frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair for lasting smoothness and shine.

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