How to clear face away from acne


clear face away from acne, One of the skin problems for both males and females adolescents is acne. Or many people may be a little different. cause of acne That is caused by clogging of the sebum around the pores on the face. Normally, our facial skin has a lot of pores. Which under the hair follicles are deep there are sebaceous glands. Which is responsible for driving fat out to moisturize the skin. and prevent dryness of the face But because of the excretion of too much fat. or these pores become clogged There is dirt that has leaked into the clog. Or dead skin cells block the pores, thus causing inflammation around the hair follicles and become acne. which may be whiteheads or black head But if there is a bacterial infection, it will cause inflammation of acne, such as pus, most of the time, acne will appear on the face, back or chest.

factors that cause acne

Hormones The body produces the hormone Androgen, which causes the production of extra fat. Most of the hormones will start to produce at the age of 11-14 years, so acne is found at this age. and may last for many years

2. More sebum production together with skin cells. And bacteria cause clogging until acne.

3. There is a change in the hair roots. Hair roots grow faster, cells divide faster. and have a lot of dead cells therefore clogging the sebaceous glands

4. Bacteria, especially the name Propionibacterium acne causes acne inflammation.

5. Heredity. If someone in our family, whether it’s father, mother, elder, aunt, aunt, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, has had a lot of acne or severe acne, people in the next generation have a chance of getting acne like that. Who will be that lucky person? But there are external factors. Or other environments as ingredients that cause acne to come up as well.

6. Cleanliness Hair that accumulates on the face makes it easy for dirt to cling. therefore clogging Or using makeup and not cleaning thoroughly is an important factor in acne.

How to keep your clear face away from acne

1. Cleanliness Should choose a cleaning product that is suitable for your skin type and is of quality.

2. Get enough rest which sleep not enough rest It is one of the causes of acne as well. Because our bodies have reduced immunity, reduce stress, create a sense of humor. make us happier Stress is one of the causes of acne.

3. Should eat green vegetables. Helps the body to flush out toxins. Avoid eating foods that are high in fat or not eating foods that are very fatty and avoid pressing and squeezing acne.

In addition to acne or acne Pimples are another type of acne that can be very annoying to our faces. Because pimples make the face not smooth. enlarged pores It usually occurs especially around the nose, cheeks, chin.

Blackheads are caused by abnormalities of the follicle glands, similar to blackheads. and has many small tufts of hair inserted in the clogged head as well It looks like a small black spot like a sharp thorn. protruding through hair follicles Or another characteristic is a clogged lump of fat called a comedone. and the openings of the pores are connected When the sebaceous glands produce sebum This sebum will come out from the pores to act as a coating to coat the skin outside to keep it moist, not dry, but if it is produced in excess, clots form in the pore ducts, known as clogged sebum or sebum. Comedon is for some skin that the pores do not open. It is seen as whiteheads in the skin.

Risk factors that cause pimples

1. Sex hormones in the body. which has a stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands to work more produce a lot of fat May cause clogging more easily.
2. Disturbing the skin, such as rubbing the face vigorously, scrubbing or massaging the face, which may disturb the pores. or sebaceous glands, causing hair follicles or hair follicles to break The hair has a chance to ingrown inside.

clear face away from acne

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