Natural Extracts With Eye Care

Natural Extracts with eye care

Natural extracts of ​​the eye area is more problematic than the others because it is the most active part of facial expressions. It can also be called an indicator of the age of a woman. Many people are very serious about solving problems around the eyes, such as dark circles, wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet and bags under the eyes, making the face look older than age. or sometimes have to apply a thick foundation That will help conceal wrinkles to be shallower if it can restore moisture to the beautiful eyes, it is like lifting the face to look brighter and younger at the same time as well

change a new idea if you ever do this

1. The skin in this area is delicate. when found with strong cream will accumulate irritation make it more shabby

2. Dark circles under the eyes, some people mistakenly believe that it is caused by pigment. I recruited whitening wipes around the eyes.

3. various nourishing creams Be sure to look at the label of the cream as well. Avoid the eye area?

4. If you use an eye cream that tells you the benefits of reducing dark circles under the eyes for a while, it looks like a panda should stop using and consult a doctor

5. Make up everyday and when you wash your makeup, you will wipe around your eyes many times and wipe it hard too.

6. Sleep late, wake up early, never apply eye cream. If you are in your 30s, eye cream is very important.

7. Choose eye cream because it is cheap but the properties are not gentle to the skin around the eyes.

8. The sensitivity of each person’s skin is not the same. Should study carefully before choosing eye cream.

Provides moisture to the skin around the eyes

To turn to the proper care of the skin around the eyes, choose products around the eyes that are gentle on the eyes that contain moisturizers to help add moisture. and natural extracts that can stimulate collagen production It will help reduce wrinkles under dark eyes, add moisture to bags under the eyes and look naturally youthful. Brighten your eyes with Rice Essence Eye Cream, Dr. Ruangkhao’s unique formula. with natural extracts that are gentle on the eyes

Rice seed extract: softens the skin around the eyes. Moisturizes and reduces dark circles
Macadamia Extract : It is a good moisturizer for the skin. The cream is absorbed into the skin more easily.
Olive Oil Extract : Rich in vitamins B and E. and help slow down the signs of aging

Beauty Tip : Thermage Eye Reborn Treatment at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic

With the expertise of a team of doctors specializing in the skin around the eyes In addition to the development of the thermage tip. to be able to treat the upper eyelid and under the eyes Suitable for those who start to have bags under the eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, ptosis, sleepy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, want to have big, bright eyes. In the right depth is transmitted to the skin around the eyes. RF energy transmitted deeper makes the eye muscles work better. Make your eyes look bigger. including stimulating the creation of collagen under the skin causing firmness in the long run as well

Thermage Eye Reborn procedure

1. Apply anesthetic for about 45 minutes or may not apply anesthetic.

2. The doctor will examine and design the direction of lifting or the position that needs to be emphasized or clearly ignored.

3. Employees will stick a sheet with grid paper on the surface.

4. The doctor puts a soft Eyeshield similar to a contact lens to protect the eyeball.

5. Start the treatment using about 30-45 minutes without surgery. no need to recuperate

***After the treatment, there will be no pain. May have pinkish skin for 1 hour can make up and use skin care products able to do normal activities It is recommended to do this about once a year to maintain the youthfulness of the skin around the eyes.

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