Tips To Flatter Your Body In Round Shape

Tips To Flatter Your Body in Round and Rectangle figures, which are both beautiful! Round is one of the most common shapes for women of all ages and the one we deal with after pregnancy until our body finds it’s new normal. While round is all about the curves, rectangle is lacking them and carries a sporty figure.

Here are your top 3 fashion Tips To Flatter Your Body.

What do you understand by Round Figure shape?

Your tummy is your trouble area and you’re likely to be full figured. You potentially could have a large bust and little definition to your shoulders. This is also the most common body shape when we fall pregnant and that baby belly develops a whole postcode of its own. Oprah Winfrey is the most famous Round Figure celeb out there!

Tips To Flatter Your Body
Tips To Flatter Your Body in Round Shape

Create a waist, reduce the focus on your belly area and potentially reduce bust size.

Top 3 items to look for when shopping:

1. Supportive underwear!!!!! I can’t tell you how important this is. Good foundations make for great finishes so if you sort out underneath the rest will look amazing.

2. Jackets are your friends. They will skim your tiny hidden waist and polish your outfit every time, even if your staples are jeans and t-shirt.

3. Skirts that hit just below the knee and drape across the body in a wrap style.

What do you understand by Rectangle shape?

You have the sporty body usually with minimal boob and there is minimal definition to your waist. Your shoulders, waist and hips are pretty much the same width give or take a few centimetres. there are some celebrities with a Rectangle figure which include Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.

Tips To Flatter Your Body

Define a waist and create curves in all the right places.

Top 3 items to look for when shopping:

1. Make sure it fits. If it is too big or boxy you will create a whole other issue. You may also need to get pants tailored to your tiny hips if you get that gap in the small of the back.

2. Mix patterns. You can really have fun and play with colour and pattern top and bottom.

3. Find a beautifully tailored jacket to accentuate your tiny waist but gives the illusion that you have some hips.

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