Treat acne scars, large pores and stretch marks

Smooth face, reduce acne scars, acne holes and tighten pores.

Treat acne scars, face skin problems are not smooth, a big problem for girls. or even many young people Some people try to put on makeup to cover up acne scars, acne scars or pores on their faces. But it can’t be covered. There are many causes of uneven skin tone as follows:

Scars are caused by the body’s repair process against tissue tearing, in which new collagen fibers are created to replace the damaged tissue. But the body’s repair is not the same as the skin before it was destroyed. cause a scar Which many types of scars make the skin smooth, especially on the face The cause is usually caused by inflammation of the face such as chickenpox and inflammatory acne causing acne scars. In addition, in some patients there may be fibrosis attached to the subcutaneous layer. looks like a deep hole.

Large pores The main cause is genetics. and the original skin of the patient It usually occurs on the oily skin area or the T-zone area. It can also be caused by the clogging of fat from eating high fat foods. and fried foods or using products containing alcohol which stimulates the skin to produce more sebum than usual, etc.
Skin laxity and wrinkles on the face are the result of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
How to treat acne scars , large pores, acne scars, smooth face at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic

Chemical peeling such as Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)
Dermabrasion such as using water pressure O2Jetpeel
Ointments in the group of acids, vitamin A and AHA, which help to exfoliate the skin. The treatment consists of exfoliating the skin. It can help in case of uneven face from large pores.

Subcision is the process of removing the fascia under the acne hole. or some types of scars, such as pimple-shaped acne holes It can help loosen the face that has collapsed from the presence of fascia under the skin. The doctor will inject an anesthetic. and use a needle to cut the fascia under the skin and stimulate the creation of new, smoother skin

Laser Resurfacing is an effective treatment for acne scars , including Fractional RF laser, Fractional CO2 laser and Erbium laser.

Treat acne scars and tighten pores.

The result may vary depending on each person. varies from person to person

Using radio frequency technology ( Radiofrequency; RF) is now using radiofrequency technology to make it Fractional, which can cause skin damage. blood clotting and stimulate the production of collagen at the same time The advantage is that the wound that occurs in the epidermis (Epidermis) is small (Sublative) causing less side effects. A shorter recovery period (minimal downtime) and a greater focus on stimulating the dermis below makes it effective in repairing. and stimulate the creation of new skin and collagen at the same time Helps restore the entire upper skin and increase youthfulness and firmness from stimulation in the lower part It is useful for treating acne scars, acne scars, tightening pores, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and sagging skin.

Treat acne scars , acne and large pores in the surface faces typical of Lovely Eye and Skin clinic with Smooth Plus.

use blend A highly effective innovation for the treatment of acne scars, acne scars, enlarged pores, scars and stretch marks, such as EndyMed 3DEEP machine, is used in the clinic It uses state-of-the-art Sublative RF technology, no needles, and has been approved by the US FDA, which provides effective treatment results. It also has a distinctive point in releasing energy into multiple layers (Multilayer effect). In addition, the clinic also has effective treatment methods together. And choose the one that is most suitable according to individual problems, such as using topical drugs and treatments to help nourish the skin, exfoliate and help maintain a smoother condition.

Treatment of scars and stretch marks on the skin stretch marks or having scars is another big problem that many young women People who are troubling are as much as other obstacles. that interferes with the beauty of the skin especially broken skin It is an undesirable skin problem for girls. very much Most are found in pregnant women. The abdomen is stretched. or even among girls In general, there is a chance to encounter this skin problem as well. Most of them are found with stretch marks on the abdomen, hips, thighs.

Causes of stretch marks The main cause of the problem of stretch marks caused by continuous stretching of the skin and tissues in a few months causing the destruction of the collagen structure of the skin It can be found most often in pregnant women. Often in the abdomen or chest can also be found frequently in people who are obese quickly. or in adolescents who are growing rapidly Stretch marks are generally found on the outer thighs, lower back, or hips. A group of people who take steroids for a long time often have large stretch marks and many include on the face Or applying a cream with a high concentration of steroids for too long can cause stretch marks on the skin.

skin scars When our bodies are wounded for various reasons such as wounds from being cut by a sharp object. Accidental wounds, burns, acne scars, or surgical wounds, etc. Our bodies normally have a wound healing process that occurs throughout the body. by our body to create a layer of tissue and collagen to replace the damaged tissue which is a natural wound healing process And when the wound has healed, scars appear on the skin.

Scars are scars that occur as a result of abnormal tissue repair. causing scars that are different from normal skin The severity of the scar depends on two factors: the severity of the wound. or how deep the tissue is torn and our wound healing factor that how well the wound heals If good care and make the wound heal faster Scars will be reduced. Compared to poor maintenance

type of scar

There are different types of scars. But we can clearly divide it into 6 types as follows:

1.) Mature scars are scars without abnormalities. Often occurs with scars caused by a sharp cut. a smooth wound The color will look similar to normal skin color.

2.) Atrophic scars are scars that originate from deep wounds from the skin. The color of the lesion is similar to the normal skin color. Most of them are scars caused by acne.

3.) Stretched scars are smooth, hard, non-convex scars. The scars are lighter than normal skin color. Often these are scars caused by surgery.

4.) Contracted scars are scars that are constricted by the skin layer. It usually occurs around joints such as elbows and wrists.

5.) Hypertrophic scars are often the scars caused by a wound that has a lot of tearing. or a very deep wound The scar is red and raised from normal skin. but still within the scope of the original scar This type of scar is caused by too much collagen and usually does not widen from the original scar. They usually occur within 1 month after the wound has healed, and will usually flatten over the course of months or years.

6.) Keloids, bulging scars and red, similar to the first thick convex scar The lesion is often raised above the skin. The wound area is wider than the original wound. Darker than normal skin color There will be itching and irritation in the beginning.


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